Die for a reason that will live, than live for a reason that will die • Do not fault me for voicing my concerns • You give not because you have more than enough but because someone doesn't have enough(Viomak) • There's nothing as bad as doing nothing about exploiters of humankind • Sympathy is for one who has tried and failed, pity is for one who has failed to try • Compassion is love in action • Intelligence is doing something about the suffering of others • Whatever you do,do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men(Colossians 3.23) SPEAK NOT IN THE EARS OF A FOOL FOR HE WILL DESPISE THE WISDOM OF THY WORDS(PROVERBS 23.9).WITH COURAGE YOU WILL DARE TO TAKE RISKS,HAVE THE STRENGTH TO BE COMPASSIONATE,AND THE WISDOM TO BE HUMBLE.COURAGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF INTERGRITY(KESHAVAN NAIR).

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Team work

In a country of hopeless citizens,my protest music preaches the need for peace and justice and has the power to give people hope and the strength to live with the political temptations we face on a daily basis.Emphasis on its impact on the social and political experiences also rests on the fact that the lyrics are pregnant with meaning as they uncover the dreadful political violence and lack of human rights in Zimbabwe. Apart from the fact that my music is illegal in Zimbabwe its impact on the affected community is so big as portrayed by those who listen to it and the humanitarian work I am involved in.I am singing for change as I campaign for human rights to be valued.The lyrics say nothing else other than the painful truth and the creativity I use in the way I compose my lyrics is very effective .I advocate for change and my music plays a crucial role in the fight for human rights, as it makes heartfelt pleas for social justice which is better received through the power in my music which is thought provoking and mobilizes as it enunciates what it is to be under priviledged, victimised, and oppressed. With my music I look at how protest music energizes, campaigns and pioneers change.

I use my music to explore the absence of human rights and evokes the plight of the masses living in an unjust country where human rights are at risk. In Zimbabwe human rights abuses over the past twenty years or so have not been confined to imagination and my music and activism opens up the hidden tragedy of millions of oppressed Zimbabweans to the eyes of the world. The ironic power of my music which is often surprisingly humorous in some instances emphasizes the brutality inherent in Zanu PF.

I set up a Freedom of expression project to highlight the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and to campaign for freedom of expression worldwide .I am using music as a tool for social change in my activism. I hope to have Zimbabwe citizens, leader s, world know the importance of free expression.

I started protesting against Zimbabwe human rights abuses in 2005 after which I officially produced my first protest album in 2006 .I have 7 political protest albums to date and one single. In 2009 I spearheaded a campaign to have Zimbabwe leaders declare their personal assets to combat corruption. I released the single song Chinja Maitiro to help in the campaign. as Founder and director. Zimbabweans are now generally afraid of being victimised and have generally become politically passive because of zanupf abuse and so the importance of activism as a force of social change is what I am working on so as to see a politically active society that is ready to demand good governance .

I would like to see Zimbabwe leaders respect human rights and free expression to achieve democracy. Freedom of expression and opinion is under threat in Zimbabwe. The Government passed draconian laws such as POSA and AIPPA to silence critics.POSA is being used to ban any form of protest.It imposes severe restrictions on civil liberties and criminalizes activities associated with freedoms of expression, assembly,association and action. It doesn't allow activists to speak against the president and bad governance.It also requires that police be notified in advance of any public gathering of more than two people, and prohibits those which police believe could cause public disorder.I would like to have these undemocratic and repressive laws removed.I intend to campaign for Zimbabwe presidency soon, to inspire women and empower them, so with such laws it will be difficult to do that. I also have protest songs calling for the removal of these laws.The Broadcasting Services Act (BSA) law is being used to maintain a state monopoly of the airwaves .Through this Act,the State is preferring a charge of 'distributing,displaying or selling any recording that is undesirable' under the draconian law, The Censorship and Entertainment Control Act. Music is censored basing on reasons stipulated by the censorship board with the aid of the Censorship and Entertainment Control Act of 1967, revised in 1996 and what the public broadcaster deems unfit for public consumption.I would like to see the music censorship law removed and have government allow different artistic voices.Under AIPPA (Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act), journalists and media houses are punished if they write what the Act describes as "falsehoods", on the basis that they violate freedom of expression.

Such laws silence voices of human rights defenders and activists and artistic voices since it bars them from criticizing Mugabe and his government.I would like to see AIPPA removed as such laws hinder on democracy and development . I am using music ,campaigns and activism ,mainly internet,petitions and social sites to campaign againist the laws.I also attend free expression seminars and conferences to share my story and work. I would like to see Zimbabwe leaders (GNU MDC) declare their personal assets to combat corruption.There is no transparency in government.In future I intend to work more with other free expression and human rights organisations that share same values so that we mount more pressure in demand of our freedom rights.

I am convinced I will have to continue campaigning as long as freedom of expression is not respected and democracy not achieved, and as long as Zimbabwe leaders don't declare their personal assets. After I petitioned them to declare assets they put up a press release that they will be declaring assets and as soon as I slowed down on the pressure they forgot about it so I have to pressurise again. I will continue campaigning to have ZANUPF remove repressive laws. I initiated work worked on a free expression website www.zimbabweinstituteforfreeexpression.com to highlight the problems and help spread the word. I am also initiated work on a website, www.zimbabweprotestmovement.com to help other banned artists spread their freedom messages and resentment. I also set up VOTO (Voices Of The Oppressed) Internet Radio to help Zimbabwe protest artists, human rights defenders and activists, escape censorship and give them a free platform to be heard away from repressive laws. The radio is also a source of education .Electronic artist-activism is one of the effective ways to skirt censors and oppressive regimes .VOTO radio challenges restrictive government policies and practices that abuse human rights and impede on freedom of expression, thus facilitating the democratization of mainstream art. VOTO is striving to educate Zimbabweans on their political responsibilities which include their right to be heard. With a potential audience of the whole world, online radio provides a perfect platform, for freedom of speech. The station is positively working as an expressive space in which Zimbabwe protest artists are combining their passions for art and socio political change thus speaking to the world about the common struggle for freedom of expression and human dignity. I will continue producing protest music, run campaigning petitions, internet radio and promote other banned artists to fight injustice, unfairness and inequality.

As I highlight the case of Zimbabwe and the cause of global human rights in general I have also dealt with social issues like child abuse and women oppression in my new non political songs.My achievement in linking music to the struggle for human rights and human dignity is innovative and unshakable. According to messages send to me by those who listen to my music,it has inspired and empowered a lot with her music by speaking on behalf of the poor, the powerless and the oppressed.

I come from a less privileged society and it is only through raising awareness that I will be able to help others live a life with human dignity.For any campaign to be effective and successful campaigners need the right tools and resources but unfortunately for people from societies such as mine lack of resources is hindering progress to achieve many goals.Zimbabweans need the exposure ,expertise and right network to help them spread their work .I am using my music as an activism tool to highlight such issues.

Morality decisions made today will impact the kind of life and society that our children will face in their futures. Common good or moral vision is shared and defined by participating actively together, to reflect on the meaning of what it means to be human in relation to all living systems, and to live in harmony together for the interest of all-a position which engenders hope. Failing this task may lead to a sense of meaninglessness in life. That said my brothers and sisters are you prepared to be of good morals or bad morals?

As long as we neglect the welfare of the Zimbabweans who are suffering under Mugabe's evil regime, we remain as immoral as the perpetrators of our suffering. May God bless you as you search for a new and deeper understanding of morality? If you're willing to take part in the bottom up CHANGE: Power in us working actively together for the common good, instead of working for the Top down CHANGE please write to info@viomakcharitymusic.com so we can discuss the best way forward.






















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