Die for a reason that will live, than live for a reason that will die • Do not fault me for voicing my concerns • You give not because you have more than enough but because someone doesn't have enough(Viomak) • There's nothing as bad as doing nothing about exploiters of humankind • Sympathy is for one who has tried and failed, pity is for one who has failed to try • Compassion is love in action • Intelligence is doing something about the suffering of others • Whatever you do,do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men(Colossians 3.23) SPEAK NOT IN THE EARS OF A FOOL FOR HE WILL DESPISE THE WISDOM OF THY WORDS(PROVERBS 23.9).WITH COURAGE YOU WILL DARE TO TAKE RISKS,HAVE THE STRENGTH TO BE COMPASSIONATE,AND THE WISDOM TO BE HUMBLE.COURAGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF INTERGRITY(KESHAVAN NAIR).

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Viomak Charity music is a self help project that Viomak started in 2005 to help the poverty striken and suffering people of Zimbabwe whose suffering is caused by the political crisis and bad leadership.To alleviate the poverty and suffering Viomak thought of producing music to lament her fellow country men's suffering and denounce bad governance through music.50% of the music sales proceeds is donated to various organisations and individuals in need.

To accomplish her mission and vision,Viomak works in unity with like-minded individuals and organisations whose charity goals are similar to hers. She believes that it is in cooperation with others that the goals can be achieved on a larger scale. Viomak does this work a free volunteer basis and produces socio -political music to raise the financial support for her project.

Politically,Viomak has donated blankets to Mavhoterapapi victims (MDC-T) and has also helped a victim of political violence whose livehood was destroyed by Zanupf after being severely tortured for supporting MDC-T.The victim who is recovering from the wounds turned to Viomak after being neglected by MDC-T.

The pictures show some of the beneficiaries of her charity project.Viomak also lists below some of those who have benefited from her efforts which she handles singlehandedly.


Team workViomak encourages self-reliance and the promotion of human dignity.She uses her music to confront oppression and harnesses part of the proceeds to the needy and those affected by the human rights abuses.Her own words prove the same to be true when she says we should become involved in contributing to society and helping the next generation face the future in an acceptable way.Her quotation "You give not because you have more than enough but because someone doesn't have enough" also says the same about her beliefs and the reason for coming up with this project.Her views and work are very appropriate to Zimbabwe's desperate situation.She confronts Zimbabwe's socio-political crisis by making great efforts to confront the situation in order to improve the lives of others, a fact that makes her project outstanding .Her music benefits her community and she does not do this for personal profit or as a money making spree.She has so far produced more than five (5) music albums to pursue her vision.Her music hopes to create a philanthropic society that is organised to provide humanitarian assistance. Her generous assistance to the poor,abused and politically victimised, as a benevolent contributor makes her one of the most signficant Zimbabwe protes musicians of our time whose music speaks volumes and aids others changing the lives of those who listen to her music and those who benefit from it.With the political situation in Zimbabwe so critical , Viomak has maintained her humanitarian principles and programmes to do her best for suffering ordinary Zimbabweans.

1.New Hope Foundation Zimbabwe(Now Defence For Children International Zimbabwe-DCI-Zimbabwe)

Through New Hope Foundation Viomak has supported children affected by Operation Murambatsvina in which ZANUPF and Mugabe destroyed poor people houses that left more than 5000 people homeless. She paid school fess,bought books and uniforms for the following three children who were at Epworth Primary School for one year:

1. Emmanuel Manhuwa (boy) (10 years) Grade Four
2. Amanda Sakubende (girl) (9 years) Grade Two
3. Monalisa Jose (girl) (9 years) Grade Two

A cash donation was made on 20 July 2006.A cash donation was made on 4th April 2007.Cash donations in November 2008 and May 2009.


2.Mutemwa Leprosy Centre

Mutemwa Leprosy centre is home to 90 or more patients who have suffered severe deformity and are disabled and destitute - some have lost limbs and others have been blinded by the disease. A drug as simple as Dapsone which treats leprosy and can be administered in a home is hard to come by.A cash donation was made on 15 December 2005 for Christmas groceries.


4.Matthew Rusike Orphanage - Zimbabwe

A cash donation for groceries was made to Matthew Rusike Children's home.This home is haven for some 120 homeless, orphaned, displaced, abandoned and deprived children aged between 3 and 18 years.A cash donation was made on 23 May 2006.

4.Zimbabwe Peace Project - Zimbabwe

Some blankets were donated to MDC-T Mavhoterapapi victims of post election violence of 29 March 2008 on 7 May 2008.

5.Mwana Trust Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe

Viomak has donated through Mwana Trust to orphaned twins and an orphaned physically challenged girl in need.

6.Faith Based Fellowship Zimbabwe

Viomak has donated to two orphaned HIV positive children under the care of Faith Based Fellowship Zimbabwe.

7.Fertility Network Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe

A cash donation was made to infertility programme in Zimbabwe on 20 January 2008.The organisation aims to fight the stigma against infertility.In need of printing materials Viomak assisted them.

8.Facing the World - Britain

Viomak has donated her time to volunteer for the needy.Among other voluntary works,in 2009 she volunteered for Facing the world and gave time to the family of a Zimbabwean mother who had visited Britain to have facial surgery for his yound son.

9.Save the Children -World

Viomak has heeded to Save the Children's various calls for assistance in disaster stricken areas worldwide and has made financial contributions.

10.UNICEF -World

Viomak has heeded to UNICEF's various calls for assistance in disaster stricken areas worldwide and has made financial contributions.

11.Amnesty International -Canada

Viomak has heeded to Amnesty International Canada's calls for assistance and has made financial contributions to help the organisation purse it's human rights issues vision.

12.HIV women and Various Individuals - Zimbabwe

Viomak has financially donated to various individuals who have approached her for help.These include HIV positive women who and other individuals stricken by poverty and need.


1.New Hope Foundation Zimbabwe (Defence for Children International) Zimbawe

2.Mutemwa Leprosy Centre Zimbabwe

3.Matthew Rusike Orphanage Zimbabwe

4.Zimbabwe Peace Project

5. Mwana Trust Zimbabwe

6. Faith Based Fellowship Zimabwe

7. Fertility Network Zimbabwe

8.Facing the world Britain

9.Save the Children


11.Amnesty International -Canada

12. HIV women and Various Individuals


Zimbabwe is one country that is on the verge of collapse in the world.In light of this more than half of the population needs help one way or the other.As per the objectives of Viomak's project the main target centres remained focused on the social and political crisis in the country.

1.Mutemwa Leprosy Centre


2.Bonda Orphanage Children's Home

This orphanage takes children whose mothers have died, mainly from HIV/AIDS, those who are mentally handicapped, and those abandoned. They have 24 children or more.

3.Chiedza Child Care Centre

This centre supports and cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

4.Chinyaradzo Children's home

Chinyaradzo cares for about 100 children ranging from birth to 16 years

5.Fairfield Orphanage (Old Mutare)

Fairfield Orphanage is currently home to over 45 children. The orphanage is adjacent to a hospital, dental clinic, school and United Methodist Church. These facilities plus the individuals and children who live there, make up Old Mutare Mission which is supported by the Methodist Church and private donations

6.Matthew Rusike Children's home

This home is haven for some 120 homeless, orphaned, displaced, abandoned and deprived children aged between 3 and 18 years

7.Light the way orphanage

A rural orphanage with about 200 children whose parents have died of AIDS.

8.Makumbi Mission Orphanage

9.Mother of Peace Orphanage Community

The Community builds small basic "family-style" homes, each accommodating 10-15 children who have 2-3 Care Givers .

10.Mutare Orphanage

There are a little less than 80 kids in all. They are split up into 8 houses. Each house is headed up by a housemother who lives with the children 24/7 and takes care of them as her own.Most of the children if not all are AIDS orphans and many of them are HIV positive.

11.Precious Child Zimbabwe

Precious Child was established in September 2002 in response to God's call upon Pastor Charles Masunungure and his wife Judith, to provide love and care to abandoned and and orphaned children.Having been been married for 10 years without biological children.

12.St. Augustine's Orphanage

The home is registered to care for 40 children.The orphanage takes care of orphans whose parents perished in the liberation war.

13.Simbaredenga Newstart Children's Home

14.SOS Children's Villages

15.Village of Hope

16.Mashambanzou Care Trust

Supports AIDS orphans and provide home-based care support for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS patients in Zimbabwe.










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