Die for a reason that will live, than live for a reason that will die • Do not fault me for voicing my concerns • You give not because you have more than enough but because someone doesn't have enough(Viomak) • There's nothing as bad as doing nothing about exploiters of humankind • Sympathy is for one who has tried and failed, pity is for one who has failed to try • Compassion is love in action • Intelligence is doing something about the suffering of others • Whatever you do,do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men(Colossians 3.23) SPEAK NOT IN THE EARS OF A FOOL FOR HE WILL DESPISE THE WISDOM OF THY WORDS(PROVERBS 23.9).WITH COURAGE YOU WILL DARE TO TAKE RISKS,HAVE THE STRENGTH TO BE COMPASSIONATE,AND THE WISDOM TO BE HUMBLE.COURAGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF INTERGRITY(KESHAVAN NAIR).

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Team work

Viomak is a Zimbabwean academic, philanthropist, socio-political activist, freedom of expression campaigner and protest singer .Since 2001 she has been protesting against bad governance in Zimbabwe using music as a form of campaigning tool.Viomak continues to be a socio-political activist and human rights defender whose music is banned in Zimbabwe.In April 2008 she and her manager set up VOTO(Voices Of The Oppressed) Radio Station to promote and offer airplay to banned Zimbabwe protest artists.In January 2007 Viomak set up Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE) an institute that educates Zimbabweans on their right to freedom of expression. The organisation advocates for free expression and campaigns for free expression to be respected so as to achieve democracy.In August 2009, Viomak set up Zimbabwe Protest Movement (ZIPROMO), a platform that promotes Zimbabwe protest artists and helps to publicise their banned work .Her musical career started in 2005,after being inspired by God to use her voice to despise human rights abuses and bad governance in Zimbabwe.

Viomak is the only woman who sings protest music in Zimbabwe. The other few are men. Of the few men, the other two sing for MDC which means they sort of get protection from MDC and also promote their party but Viomak being  independent she has managed to break a record by fearlessly standing up on her own to fight for human rights, and speak on behalf of the many Zimbabweans who are too afraid to speak against the political status quo.Viomak’s  work inspires many Zimbabwean women who are already looked down upon in our society. She is a great force to reckon with. No other woman in Zimbabwe sings protests music and the impact of her music is felt nationwide from a feminine point of view too which is very important for women advancement.

She has so far produced SEVEN (7) protest music albums six of which have been dedicated to the president of Zimbabwe,Robert Mugabe and ZANUPF who she blames for Zimbabwe's downfall.She has produced a protest music album to mark Mugabe's birthday on 21 February since 2006.In 2008 she also produced a separate music album called ZIMBABWE CIRCUS to sing against GNU,the political marriage between the ruling party ZANUPF and main opposing party MDC.In 2010 she also produced her first single song called ‘Chinja Maitiro’ to help run a Declare Assets campaign that she spearheaded since 2009 calling for Zimbabwe leaders to declare their personal assets so as to combat corruption. As a socio politicaI activist,in 2010 Viomak released two songs on an upcoming music album called CHILD ABUSE protesting against child sexual  abusers.

Viomak's   vigorous support of human rights, freedom and social justice has earned her a lot of respect. Her music is improper in as far as Mugabe and his media laws are concerned. However, these laws have not stopped her from pursuing her just cause. Undeterred she continues to record protest music.

Her music plays a brilliant contribution to human rights education and generates an international grass roots movement for human rights. Viomak has become an advocate for and proponent of human rights. She is a musical pioneer who has developed a music genre that specifically deals with human rights, raising the kind of social and political conscience image, which is relevant to the Zimbabwean situation to this day. Her music targets the denial of human and civil rights and this has helped contribute to social change. Her popular song 'Uchaenda riini Mugabe' for instance, instigates the need for Mugabe to exit power raising awareness that Mugabe is abusing the constitution whilst clinging onto power illegally .The other time I was reading that her songs are popular at drinking places in Zimbabwe where revelers openly  sing along to the banned tunes. Also her courage is to be found in her music that challenges Mugabe in a string of songs criticising the treatment of women and children in times of political crises. No other music in Zimbabwe has so forcefully shown what it is like to live in a dictatorial country where human rights are denied or disapproved by the government. The lives of the suffering others remains a cornerstone of her music that yearns for what Zimbabweans have lacked. Like other known protest artists she is enough proof that human beings can not only withstand evil, but can also find courage in crisis, and hope in the most hopeless of situations. She gives us the strength to find wisdom and grace during our own challenging times.

Viomak holds a B.A General Degree (University of Zimbabwe), Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Educational Foundations (University of Zimbabwe), Masters of Arts in Education (Canada).In 2010 she deferred her PhD studies in Education at Birmingham University,UK so as to pursue politics and soon worked on forming Zimbabwe Development Leaders as she works on becoming Zimbabwe’s woman president. 

More about her work is on her websites.



1.Voluntarily works with New Hope Foundation Zimbabwe (now Defence For Children International) as a Board member and supporter

2.Recorded a song 'Betty Hazviperi' for Girl Child Network (GCN) to give a voice denouncing the myth that raping young girls cures AIDS.

3.Works with Hope For Women Survivors to support and empower girls and women

4.Recorded a song Broken Buttock Blues for renowend poet John Eppel's poem

5.Composed a song with the help of lyrics donated by George Murevesi

6.Composed a song with the help of lyrics donated by Tamutswa Muzana

7.Composed a song with the help of lyrics donated by Kenesias Dambakurima

8.Composed a song with the help of lyrics donated by Esther-Precious Makomva




1.Global Forum on Freedom Of Expression(GFFE) -Norway

2.Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) women sanitary campaign - London

3.Article 19 Transparency and free flow of informations vital to MDG's -London

4.Freedom to Create launch event -London






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